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How the 'Yahoogle' talks with feds fell apart

Sources say trustbusters took an increasingly hard line with Yahoo and Google in the past two to three weeks, causing their proposed ad deal to become unpalatable.

By November 5, 2008


Week in review: Microhoo, Yahoogle, and Microspace, oh my!

The week was marked by a dizzying barrage of news on the future of Yahoo and its suitors, leaving industry watchers mostly scratching their heads. Also, RSA 2008. (By CNET News.com's Michelle Meyers)

By April 11, 2008


Yahoogle? Microspace? It makes Google look good

More radical scenarios are sweeping across the Microsoft-Yahoo landscape. All the ruckus makes Google's position in Internet advertising look that much more solid.

By April 10, 2008