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New HP big-screen handheld has Intel inside

The iPaq 210 comes with a Marvell processor that still looks remarkably like an Intel XScale chip.

By February 18, 2008


Dell packs Bluetooth, XScale into Axims

The computer maker tries to get a jump on rivals by releasing three handhelds with Intel's speedy XScale mobile processors. It's also debuting Bluetooth in the line.

May 18, 2004


RIM debuts Intel-powered BlackBerry

Cingular will offer the long-awaited BlackBerry 8700c, the first such device to run on an Intel XScale chip.

By November 1, 2005


Via launches teensy motherboard

The Taiwanese company believes its 4.8-inch-square Epia N-Series Nano-ITX has an edge over Intel's competing XScale processors.

By March 19, 2004


Pocket PC, XScale hit a generation gap

Early buyers won't get all the power they bargained for in the latest Pocket PC-based handhelds. A generational mismatch in the gear is taking the pluck out of performance.

By June 25, 2002


Intel eyes gadgets with XScale chips

Signaling a more aggressive foray into the handheld and cell phone markets, the company is in Tokyo to debut processors using its XScale technology.

By February 11, 2002


Intel dreams up new uses for XScale

The chip eventually will be at the heart of hardware that allows consumers to wirelessly access digital music and video stored on a PC and then play it on a stereo or TV.

By January 9, 2002


Intel debuts wireless software tools

The chipmaker introduces its first set of compiler programs for wireless devices powered by its XScale processors and built on its Personal Internet Client Architecture.

By July 22, 2003


Intel on the go with chip efforts

roundup The company mulls new branding for its chips used in handhelds and "smart phones," and works with Sun to fine-tune Xscale processors for mobile Java applications.

By June 9, 2003