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More than a chipmaker? Intel's blown opportunities

The semiconductor giant has expanded beyond its core business many times only to pull back before those areas got popular. CNET looks at a few.

By December 5, 2013


Otellini's legacy at Intel: Plentiful profits, mobile misfires

When Intel's CEO since 2005 retires next year, the company will still face a problem it's barely begun to solve: finding a foothold in the mobile market.

By November 19, 2012


Core of original Apple tablet lives on in iPhone, iPad

iFixit tears down the Apple Newton: Its DNA is still around.

By April 1, 2010


Microsoft, Intel to cede tablet market to Apple?

If the Apple tablet emerges as expected, this could be another market that Cupertino takes from right under the PC companies' noses.

By December 26, 2009


Ghosts of projects past haunt Intel graphics chip

The recent cancellation of Larrabee is a reminder that Intel has made major product missteps before. So where does it go from here?

By December 11, 2009


VMware CEO: Intel chip design too complex

In a recent video, VMWare CEO Paul Maritz offered some less-than-laudatory words about the Intel chip architecture.

By July 8, 2009


Intel, Nokia announce mobile pact

The two companies create a wide-ranging deal covering chips and software for mobile devices.

By June 23, 2009


Wind River buy makes Intel a software company

The $884 million acquisition deal gives Intel a serious software business. But will it light a fire under the Atom chip for embedded computing?

By June 4, 2009


TSMC deal offers glimpse of Intel future

The deal struck this week with TSMC will be a test of Intel's ability to compete in a crucial market outside of its home PC turf.

By March 6, 2009


Video calling on mobile phones to go mainstream

Global IP Solutions enables high-quality real-time video calling and conferencing via mobile devices.

By October 13, 2008