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Sony Xperia P (unlocked)

Despite needing a few improvements, the Sony Xperia P is one of the better handsets from Sony this year. Unfortunately, that's not saying a lot.

By May 14, 2012


Sony Xperia P gets covered in 24-carat gold

Sony has gold-plated 15 of its mid-range Android handsets for an over the top giveaway.

By November 25, 2012


Sony Xperia P gets a serving of Ice Cream Sandwich

The Xperia P is the latest Sony smartphone to see an Android 4.0 update.

By August 17, 2012


Sony's Xperia P has style galore (pictures)

Sure, it's unlocked and costs a steep $479.99, but the Sony Xperia P has more style than the company's Xperia S flagship phone.

10 Images By August 16, 2012


Sony launches Xperia P with Telstra, Xperia U at Crazy John's

Sony Mobile announced the availability of two new Xperia-branded handsets in Sydney today, partnering with Telstra for the launch of the Xperia P, and with Crazy John's for the youth-focused Xperia U.

By June 19, 2012


Sony Xperia P

June 15, 2012


Sony Xperia P hands-on

February 28, 2012


Sony Xperia P

Sony's Xperia P builds on its Xperia line with a sharp design and a dual-coe. Gingerbread, however, is an obviois miss.

By February 27, 2012


Photo tour of Sony's new Xperia P and U

Sony fills out its Xperia range with two new handsets announced at MWC and we go hands on to see whether they can excite like the Xperia S did at CES earlier in the year.

6 Images By February 26, 2012


Hands on with the Sony Xperia P and U (photos)

Sony shows up at Mobile World Congress with two new Android smartphones, the Xperia P and Xperia U. Join CNET for a hands-on look.

12 Images By February 26, 2012