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Sprint launches Xohm WiMax

At a press event in Baltimore, Sprint launches Xohm, the company's next-generation 4G wireless broadband service based on WiMAX technology.

October 8, 2008


XOHM! Sprint brings WiMax to Baltimore

Sprint announces XOHM, WiMax network for Baltimore.

By September 29, 2008


Sprint's Xohm gets ready for launch

Sprint is about to launch its new WiMax network and provides some details about the service.

By September 2, 2008


Sprint adds four markets to its slow-growing LTE network

The LTE service comes to a seemingly random smattering of cities, including Baltimore, Sprint's first WiMax market.

By August 29, 2012


Asus has a WiMax laptop, too

The Asus M50Vm-A1WM now incorporates a WiMax radio.

By October 8, 2008


Intel WiMax to go live, will devices follow?

Intel's WiMax wireless technology is finally ready to launch, but it's not clear how big a following the technology has among laptop suppliers.

By September 25, 2008


With WiMax, Sprint cuts the cord in Baltimore

Once the locale of HBO's The Wire, Baltimore now hosts the flagship network for a new "unwired" broadband initiative.

By October 8, 2008


Acer, Toshiba, and Lenovo unveil WiMax laptops

Sprint is rolling out its Xohm WiMax service in Baltimore, and laptop makers are quick to offer the new technology.

By October 8, 2008


The Sprint nightmare is far from over

Sprint Nextel reported huge losses for the fourth quarter. Its new CEO has a plan to get the company back on track, but it's a long road ahead.

By February 28, 2008


Sprint and Clearwire still working together

Clearwire CEO says companies are making progress on a deal to ensure roaming between their nationwide WiMax networks.

By January 30, 2008