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XMPP plus RabbitMQ gateway = high performance Twitter?

Message volume shouldn't be a problem for services like Twitter. RabbitMQ and XMPP might help to explain the solution.

By July 2, 2008


Use Facebook Chat in Any IM Client

Facebook has announced that Facebook Chat will support AIM as well as XMPP or Jabber support, which means that any one will be able to use almost any IM client.

By February 26, 2010


Exclusive: Twhirl gets pushy with Identi.ca

Nanoblog app gets updates from open-source service via XMPP. We're still waiting for similar support from Twitter.

By July 20, 2008


Microsoft's Messenger service to live on

Redmond is killing off its Live Messenger client in favor of Skype, but the underlying Messenger service will continue to run, at least until next year.

By January 11, 2013


Microsoft opens instant-messaging for all comers

Any programmer now can build software to tap into Windows Live Messenger's network. Perhaps in time IM will become less fragmented and more useful.

By December 15, 2011


Tor anonymity project looks to help Iranians sidestep Net ban

Tor's "obfsproxy" technology would make encrypted data look innocuous and let it dodge government censors. That could help citizens in Iran reach blocked sites as antigovernment protests reportedly loom.

By February 10, 2012


Google demands shutdown of Microsoft's new YouTube app

Google is seeking to block Microsoft's new YouTube app for Windows Phone 8 because it blocks ads and allows downloading of videos from YouTube's site, in violation of its terms of service.

By May 15, 2013


Unified cloud interfaces on the horizon

The cloud needs to be portable for enterprises to be comfortable using resources that they don't control.

By November 25, 2008


Yahoo's encouraging words for IM standards

Executive newly in charge of the company's instant-messaging work appears open to an IM standard. That could help fix fragmentation problems in the world of online chat.

By July 7, 2008


Is Snow Leopard hiding iPhone Push Notification?

The long delayed push notification technology might actually become a part of the forthcoming Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

By February 12, 2009