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Ximian software gets SuSE support

Novell is integrating its two major Linux acquisitions, SuSE Linux and Ximian, in a move to bring enterprises back on board.

By January 7, 2004


Novell snaps up Linux company Ximian

The networking software maker accelerates its Linux push with the acquisition and pledges its commitment to Ximian's high-profile, open-source projects.

By August 4, 2003


Ximian updates desktop Linux

The company, hoping to accelerate the pace of Linux desktop adoption, releases a new version of its main software package for PCs.

By June 2, 2003


Novell rejoins desktop fight, with Linux as ally

Company will release first Linux desktop package since acquiring SuSE Linux and Ximian. Will it unseat Microsoft Office?

By November 8, 2004


Sun, Ximian back Linux desktop

The companies jointly develop software that lets Linux or Solaris computers running Ximian's Evolution software connect with Sun's e-mail and calendar server software.

By January 22, 2003


Novell to release enhanced Linux in fall

Upcoming release to fuse Novell technology with that acquired from Ximian and SuSE Linux.

By August 6, 2004


Ximian changes open-source license

The Linux company makes a philosophical shift in a key open-source software project that now will be governed by a less restrictive license.

By January 27, 2002


Ximian releases Outlook clone for Linux

The veteran supporter of open-source software is doing business the proprietary way with a software package that lets Linux computers connect to Microsoft Exchange e-mail servers.

By December 3, 2001


Novell may nix NetWare development

A day after the networking-software maker said it had bought Linux company Ximian, Novell executives say it's likely that their company's own OS will go fallow in favor of Linux.

By August 5, 2003