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2010 Jaguar XFR

Despite an annoying cabin tech interface, the 2010 Jaguar XFR works well as an everyday driver and a weekend racer, pampering drivers with a luxurious cabin.

March 18, 2010

3.5 stars Editors' rating March 18, 2010

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Jaguar XFR-S: Unleash your inner child

The Jaguar XFR-S is wonderful thing. It's fast, noisy and devastatingly good looking. XCAR meets the most bonkers XF to date.

By August 7, 2014


Jaguar XFR delivers stunning power, so-so cabin tech

CNET Car Tech reviews the 2010 Jaguar XFR.

By March 26, 2010


2010 Jaguar XFR

Jaguar's four-door coupe in its most red-blooded incarnation.

March 22, 2010


2010 Jaguar XFR (photos)

The sport model of the XF takes that humdrum sedan into track territory with a supercharged 5-liter engine and dynamic suspension.

20 Images By March 19, 2010


Jaguar XFR road test: Faster than they think

Green light! As the XFR's accelerator pedals met with its soft downy carpet, so the guttural bellow of its V8 met the summery evening air. The race was on

10 Images By June 29, 2009


The zippy Jaguar XFR road test

Web video of the Jaguar XFR.

By June 4, 2009


Jaguar shows off at traveling Alive Driving Experience

From the flagship XJL to the red hot XFR-S, Jaguar invites the public to test its cars during one of its 18 driving experience events.

By July 20, 2012


Face it: The best stuff is expensive

High-end cars, like Jaguar's $80,000 XFR, are bought for their stellar performance and good looks. High-end audio? Same deal.

By June 9, 2009


Dell gets rugged to pump up sales

The Latitude XFR D630 is basically a Latitude D630 in full body armor built to withstand extreme temperatures, falls, moisture, dust, and more.

By March 4, 2008