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Washing machine uses beads for clear savings

Why would you add more grit to a washing machine? It turns out the modern-day equivalent of washing clothes by banging them between rocks is actually effective, and it cuts back on water use dramatically.

By February 27, 2014


Time lists 2010's greatest inventions: iPad, Baywatchbot and a bus on stilts

Time magazine has revealed the incredible innovations, gorgeous gadgets and gobsmacking gizmos that make up its 50 Best Inventions of 2010.

By November 18, 2010


(Almost) waterless washing machine on its way

Next year you might see your local cleaner adding just one cup of water in the washing machine. Small nylon beads do the dirty job in a laundry technology now coming to market.

By June 18, 2009


The end of the coin-operated laundry?

A new (almost) waterless washing machine promises to change the way we wash clothes.

By June 10, 2008