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GitHub raises $100 million from Andreessen Horowitz

CEO says the company will use the money to make GitHub work for everyone involved in software development, not just programmers.

By July 9, 2012


Citrix rebrands its XenSource spoils

Company discusses its product road map following the acquisition of virtualization vendor XenSource.

By February 11, 2008


Citrix strips XenSource of virtualization, open source...everything

Citrix seems to be playing weird games with its XenSource acquisition.

By February 7, 2008


'Cloud' vs. 'source' in the battle of bland corporate names

Open source and cloud-computing start-ups have one thing in common: a tendency to wear their industry trend on their sleeves.

By March 12, 2010


Citrix completes XenSource virtualization buy

Citrix's $500 million acquisition is done. Next up: new server and desktop virtualization products.

By October 23, 2007


If Novell gets bought, will Red Hat follow?

Novell's proposed acquisition will likely drive Red Hat into the arms of VMware or Oracle, but will have minimal impact on the larger open-source commercial ecosystem.

By March 8, 2010


Open-sourcing my error on XenSource

What can I say? Even the most opinionated among us are sometimes wrong. I just happen to be wrong more than most. :-)

By August 23, 2007


Open-source acquisitions: What's the holdup?

Acquisitions of open-source companies have garnered huge multiples but haven't rounded out many product portfolios. Exit plans are hazy for most open-source start-ups.

By January 7, 2010


Citrix to buy virtualization company XenSource for $500 million

Open-source software company XenSource will be added to Citrix's server management software.

By August 15, 2007


What the XenSource acquisition says about proprietary software

The XenSource acquisition is a wake-up call to proprietary vendors that they can't rest on old laurels anymore.

By August 15, 2007