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Xantrex PowerSource Mobile 100

Mobile power solution

By Jul. 13, 2007


Going off grid? Xantrex introduces hybrid solar power inverter

Inverters are the behind-the-scene hardware to solar electric panels. A refreshed product line from Xantrex combines a renewable power source with battery back-up.

By May. 5, 2008


Solar panel 'gateway' pipes data from rooftop to Web

Xantrex Gateway monitors the amount of electricity solar panels generate and transmits that data to a person's PC through a home Wi-Fi connection.

By Mar. 21, 2008


Enphase Energy to bring 'microinverters' to solar panels

Like the microcomputer--also known as the PC--shook up computing, microinverters will make solar more widespread, says start-up.

By Jan. 29, 2008


Green news harvest: Trash-to-electricity, a Sahara-to-EU 'supergrid'

Inverter maker Xantrex gets bought for about $500 million; Rocky Mountain Institute argues for a portfolio approach to renewables;first coal-to-liquids plant in the U.S.; why clean-tech VC take a shine to Obama; Postal Service looks to alt fuels.

By Jul. 29, 2008


Small-scale solar power comes to electronics

Can you sip solar energy to juice your electronics? Yes, for smaller gadgets and batteries, but laptops are trickier.

By Jan. 9, 2008