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Sony Xperia XA Ultra

Selfie-obsessed shutterbugs after a stylish statement phone will be drawn to this 6-inch device like moths to a flame.

By May 16, 2016


Sony Xperia X, X Performance, XA, XA Ultra: What's the difference?

How can you tell the four phones in Sony's Xperia X family apart? With this specs chart and handy guide.

By May 31, 2016


Sony supersizes its selfie efforts with the Xperia XA Ultra

Sony takes its beautiful edge-to-edge display tech up a notch with the 6-inch Xperia XA Ultra.

8 Images By May 16, 2016


Sony's Xperia XA Ultra phone makes a bid for your selfies

A front-facing camera packed with megapixels and optical image stabilization tailors this 6-inch phone for your self-portraits.

By May 17, 2016


Bezel-free displays and pixel-packed cameras in Sony's Xperia X and XA phones

We take a closeup look at Sony's two new Android phones, the Xperia X and XA, two mid-range handsets with slick design and solid specs.

By February 22, 2016


A gorgeous edge-to-edge screen on Sony's budget Xperia XA (pictures)

The beautiful, almost bezel-free screen on Sony's Xperia XA is our favourite thing about this more budget Android phone.

11 Images By February 22, 2016


Own a Linksys Smart Wi-Fi router? You'll want to see this new interface

The new Linksys Smart Wi-Fi mobile app has a sleeker look and gives you more control over your home network.

By July 20, 2016


XA Wireless Vortex iPhone 4/4S case (90504)

Though the bamboo aesthetic looks cool, this XA Wireless Vortex case is too fragile and keeps breaking.

By June 15, 2012

2.5 stars Editors' rating June 15, 2012

Fujifilm X-A2 gets a flip-up display (pictures)

The camera design is relatively unchanged from the X-A1, with this one exception.

6 Images By January 14, 2015

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Fujifilm X-A2

Very, very incremental updates from the X-A1 include a flip-up display.

By January 14, 2015