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Nikon Coolpix S9100 offers wide angle 18x zooming

The Nikon Coolpix S9100 is a new compact camera with a lengthy zoom in a small package.

4 Images By February 8, 2011


Laptop heralds Intel Centrino 2 mobile gaming

The future of Intel-based gaming laptops can be seen in a Germany-based company's Centrino 2-based laptop.

By June 28, 2008


Intel Centrino 2 chips hit with problems, delays

Intel discloses issues with its highly anticipated "Montevina" Centrino 2 mobile platform.

By May 27, 2008


Intel Centrino 2 chips coming in two waves

Intel will roll out new mobile processors in June and September, including the first quad-core mobile processor.

By March 13, 2008


Intel Centrino 2 launch was not about the processor

The Intel Centrino 2 launch is all about the chipset.

By July 15, 2008


Dell debuts 17-inch workstation, Precision M6400

The Dell Precision M6400 mobile workstation is now for sale with an estimated ship date of October 22.

By September 24, 2008


Intel quad-core mobile chip coming: Is it overkill?

Intel is slated to roll out it first quad-core mobile processor in August.

By July 23, 2008


Intel Centrino 2: Montevina platform 'good to go'

After a slight whoopsie daisy that delayed the launch, Intel officially introduced its new Centrino 2 platform last night in San Francisco

By July 15, 2008


Intel Centrino 2 mobile chips hit resellers

Though the initial roll-out of the Intel "Montevina" Centrino 2 mobile platform was scaled back by Intel last month, processors are still slated for July 14.

By June 22, 2008


After miscue, Centrino 2 takes the stage

Intel's newest mobile platform brings new processors, chipsets, and graphics engine, along with improvements in wireless capability and security.

By July 14, 2008