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Alienware Area-51 X58

Even if we have a few reservations about this system, we can't deny that Alienware has an outstanding deal on its hands, with the Area 51 X58. It offers the same core hardware and twice the storage capacity as PCs that cost $1,500 more. High-end bargain hunters, assuming they exist, will find an amazing deal in this PC.

By November 24, 2008

4 stars Editors' rating November 24, 2008

As shown: $6,473

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Six-core Intel CPU debuts in Falcon Northwest Mach V

First review of a desktop with Intel's new six-core Core i7 980X Extreme

By March 11, 2010


iBuypower wins the Level 10 sweepstakes

iBuypower brings unique Level 10 desktop chassis to market in a complete desktop.

By December 9, 2009


Maingear introduces clean-lined Shift gaming PC

As impressive as we find the design of Maingear's new Shift gaming desktop, we like the starting price of the system even more.

By November 2, 2009


Intel forum debuts to include USB 3.0 gear

A laptop and a video camera using the next-generation USB technology will make an appearance at the Intel Developer Forum next week.

By September 17, 2009


Intel's new Core i7, Core i5 desktop chips bring faster CPUs to the mainstream

Intel introduces new, more affordable Core i7 and Core i5 desktop CPUs, as well as the new Intel P55 Express motherboard chipset to support them.

By September 7, 2009


Intel Core i7 laptops coming--or have they already arrived?

Intel is slated to release its first mobile "Nehalem" processor in the coming months, but benchmark-breaking laptops are already out there with Nehalem chips inside.

By July 16, 2009


AMD introduces Dragon PC gaming platform and new Phenom II CPUs

With today's launch of its new Phenom II desktop chips, AMD also announced its new Dragon platform. Dragon marries Phenom II with the Radeon HD 4800-line of 3D cards and AMD's 790-series chipsets into a complete gaming PC.

By January 8, 2009


AMD introduces Dragon PC gaming platform and new Phenom II CPUs

AMD introduces new Dragon PC gaming platform with Phenom II chips, FX790 chipsets, and Radeon HD 4000-series GPUs.

By January 7, 2009


Rounding up the Intel Core i7 desktops

CNET reviews five Intel Core i7-based PCs.

By November 26, 2008