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Will skinny MacBooks get beefy graphics?

New MacBook Airs in the pipeline may stick with Intel graphics silicon and not get more powerful "discrete" graphics, says a report.

By March 13, 2012


HP Voodoo Envy 133: Laptop to swap a wife for

HP has unveiled the Envy 133 from its Voodoo brand, and it's set to pick up the MacBook Air, throw it under a train and hold a party around its squashed remains. Cheeky git

By June 10, 2008


How good (or bad) is Intel's graphics tech?

Nvidia says that the integrated graphics capability supplied by the chip giant is the pits. Is graphics specialist Nvidia right?

By April 20, 2008


Intel graphics discontent justified?

There's a long history of hard feelings about the graphics capabilities of Intel silicon. Some of the criticism is valid--but some of it surely misses the point.

By November 21, 2008


Dell launches Inspiron notebooks with 'Penryn' chip

This marks the first time the PC maker has included the 45-nanometer processor as an option in the consumer-oriented Inspiron line.

By February 20, 2008


Dell Inspiron 13 gets an upgrade (in Asia)

Dell's Inspiron 13 gets an inspired redesign in Singapore. Could it be heading here next?

By July 16, 2009


Dell Inspiron 530, 531: Unbelievably cheap PCs

Dell's colourful new Inspiron and XPS are the talk of the laptop world, but the company also has a few new desktops it would like you to crave

By June 29, 2007


Gateway launches laptops for the holidays

Two new desktop-replacement laptops for Gateway: the P-6301 and the P-6822.

By October 11, 2007


Get a 22-inch touch-screen PC for $699 shipped

Looking for a new desktop? Why not choose one that dispenses with a big case in favor of a sleek, all-in-one design? That's the HP TouchSmart in a nutshell.

By January 4, 2010


Will your Mac run Mountain Lion?

Even if it's fully 64-bit-capable and has an advanced graphics card, your Mac may not be able to keep up with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. Here's why.

By February 29, 2012