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Hack leaves X-rated message on library's kiddie phone line

Children's dial-a-story message at a public library is changed to porn and profanity in phone system hack attack.

By May 27, 2008


Apple named in Chinese porn probe

China's People's Daily has fingered Apple, along with several other companies, in an investigation over X-rated content on Web sites and app stores, reports The Wall Street Journal.

By April 17, 2013


Iceland works to block Internet porn

In an effort to ensure that children aren't exposed to violent pornography, the Nordic nation is trying to enact laws that would ban all X-rated Web sites.

By February 14, 2013


Apple quietly pulls 'editors' choice' of Twitter's Vine

Following controversy over X-rated videos, Apple has distanced itself from Twitter's user-generated video-sharing service Vine.

By January 28, 2013


Porn studios' copyright lawyer: 'I will sue' (Q&A)

Kenneth Ford is launching a copyright fight against people who illegally share X-rated films online. "I think that I have everything in our favor," he tells CNET.

By October 5, 2010


On the Net, RX-rated beats X-rated

Consider it a sign of the times: More consumers use the Internet to search for health care information than they do to search for pornography.

August 7, 2000


Yahoo auction search reveals X-rated material

While searching for a DVD player, a Yahoo auction user found hard-core pornography instead.

September 20, 1999


Helping men behave badly

Think of it as a high-tech little black book--including X-rated chapters. GirlFriend X is...

By August 30, 2004


Congress weighs Net porn bills

As with plastic wrappers on X-rated magazines in stores, Congress is searching for ways to keep children out of "Adults Only" Net sites.

February 10, 1998