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HTC One X available online today, in stores June 10

AT&T makes the HTC One X available online immediately, nationwide on June 10.

By June 5, 2012


Tony Hawk takes a "Ride" with CNET's The 404 Podcast

The man who rode skateboarding to mainstream success sits down with CNET's The 404 Podcast for a chat about the video game franchise, skateboarding and the Olympics, and, of course, his newest game, Tony Hawk: Ride.

By November 19, 2009


Global Hawk closer to autonomous aerial refueling

In a test flight, the big UAV flies close enough to a partner at high altitude to reassure Northrop Grumman that it's on track toward an actual refueling in 2012.

By March 10, 2011


MQ-8C Fire Scout robo-copter makes first flight

The B variant has already helped the Navy capture drug smugglers and carry out recon missions in Afghanistan and Somalia. The new MQ-8C is bigger and will pack a bigger payload.

By November 3, 2013


Fill 'er up, flyboy: Sky-high refueling, from biplane to B-2

Ninety years ago, a handful of aviators tried out a novel idea: running a gasoline hose from one biplane to another. Higher-tech adaptations of that maneuver keep 21st century aircraft going and going and...

By August 25, 2013


X-47B robo-plane takes (flying) wing again

Making its second and third dry runs in the desert, the Northrop Grumman prototype is in the early stages of gearing up for eventual maneuvers on an aircraft carrier.

By March 18, 2011


Flight of the Panda

Israeli company test flights "rotorless" UAV prototype.

By May 24, 2008


Honda premieres 'Racing Against Time'

Honda premieres "Racing Against Time" a short-film documentary featuring skateboarding legend Tony Hawk and Star Trek screenwriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. This is Honda's fifth short-film documentary as part of the "Dream the Impossible" series.

By October 9, 2009


The 404 383: Where it's so bad it's good

Maybe we should have used "So Bad, but so good" as our show motto instead of "High Tech, Low Brow!" Today's show is a good example of that, and we kick it off with Wilson's brief and spoiler-free review of Bruno.

By July 16, 2009


Vampires, The Sims, Star Wars, and more: New iPhone games of the week

iPad, shmi-pad. Cool new games continue to arrive for the iPhone and iPod Touch--which, by the way, both do something the iPad can't: fit in a pocket.

By April 5, 2010