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'The X-Files' to return to TV?

We want to believe! Fox executives are in talks with series creator Chris Carter, along with original actors Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, to bring back the sci-fi drama to TV.

By January 19, 2015


X-Files creator and more vie for your favour in new Lovefilm pilots

A fresh batch of Amazon Studios' pilot episodes have been put on Lovefilm, and await your judgement.

By February 6, 2014


'X-Files' star Gillian Anderson writing sci-fi book series

"A Vision of Fire" is the first book penned by Anderson and co-writer Jeff Rovin in their "EarthEnd Saga." Agent Mulder would be proud.

By January 15, 2014


Prevent OS X FileVault keys from being stored in standby mode

As an added measure of security, you can prevent your Mac from storing FileVault encryption keys for the purpose of speeding wake times from standby mode.

By September 10, 2013


Tackle OS X file sharing not allowing additional users

Sometimes OS X may issue an error saying no more users are allowed to log on and access shared files on a networked Mac.

By November 29, 2012


OS X FileVault questions answered

If you're wondering how FileVault disk encryption for OS X will work with your existing drive setup, and more, MacFixIt has answers.

By March 15, 2012


Addressing OS X file extensions reverting after change

File name extensions are how OS X recognizes file types, and changing the extension is one way to associate a file with a different program. Sometimes, however, changing the file extension does not work.

By April 21, 2011


U.K.'s real-life version of the 'X-Files'

British government declassifies thousands of documents detailing its decades-long effort to respond to public's belief that UFOs exist.

By March 3, 2011


VirnetX files second lawsuit against Microsoft

Hot on the heels of one legal victory against Microsoft, VirnetX files a second lawsuit against the company, claiming patent violations in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

By March 19, 2010


JVC's Everio X files

JVC joins the direct-to-Web camcorder club.

By March 3, 2009