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Mystery mission of the X-37B now two months old

But what it's doing up there or for how long -- well, you might glean more from talking to the wall than asking the Air Force about its hush-hush mission.

By February 22, 2013


Secretive X-37B space plane ready for next flight

An Atlas V rocket carrying the unmanned craft, which looks like a miniature space shuttle, has the green light for a planned liftoff Tuesday. Just don't ask what it's up to.

By December 10, 2012


X-37B: The space plane of mystery (pictures)

The unmanned spacecraft has been in orbit for more than a year. The Air Force won't say much about its mission, but surely it's more than just a test drive.

12 Images By June 16, 2012


Hitachi UT37X902

A high price and a quirky, optional AV Center lessen the appeal, but the stunning design of the ultrathin Hitachi UT37X902 will draw buyers who want the ultimate in flat-panel chic.

November 13, 2008

3 stars Editors' rating November 13, 2008

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Secretive X-37B space plane ends 7-month orbit

Resembling a shrunk-down space shuttle, the Air Force's X-37B returns to Earth from its debut test flight, pointing the way toward cheaper, adaptable--and perhaps military--missions.

By December 3, 2010


Air Force launches X-37B space plane

The unmanned X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle heads into space on its first mission, as the Air Force scopes out how it might eventually serve "warfighters' needs."

By April 23, 2010


Hitachi UT37X902

The Hitachi UT37X902 is a 37-inch flat panel LCD that's currently flatter than any other TV on the market.

By April 23, 2009


2009 Infiniti G37x Coupe (review)

Equally appealing to geeks and gearheads, G37 Coupe combines an athletic presence, a high level of performance, and a complete cabin tech package into a vehicle that's attractive from almost every angle.

By April 10, 2009


Toshiba Regza 37X3030DG: Making change less scary

Scared of change? Don't worry, Toshiba is going to make it nice and easy with the Regza 37X3030 -- the latest in television technology without scaring you too much

By April 17, 2007


Utilities Updates: TinkerTool 3.7; IPNetMonitorX 2.1.2; Snippet Monkey 1.3.1; Airfoil 2.0.7; more

Utilities Updates: TinkerTool 3.7; IPNetMonitorX 2.1.2; Snippet Monkey 1.3.1; Airfoil 2.0.7; more

By April 17, 2007