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Canonical cracks the slate code, brings Ubuntu to Nexus tablets

Canonical announces Ubuntu for the Nexus line of tablets, promising a smoother, more seamless interface compared with what's currently available.

By February 19, 2013


How desktop virtualization survived the recession

Desktop virtualization has maintained a position in enterprises and small businesses through the recession.

By September 2, 2011


If virtual desktops great, why not used more?

Desktop virtualization skeptic calls supporters on not using VDI more prominently themselves. But from user perspective, pure VDI isn't goal--flexibility, efficiency are.

By December 27, 2010


Thin client computing grows up

In the past 20 years, IT has faced many hurdles when trying to move toward a thinner, more manageable form of client computing. Those hurdles have since fallen.

By November 26, 2010


New Windows software turns one PC into many

Windows MultiPoint Server allows a single machine to power computing for a classroom full of students, Microsoft says.

By February 24, 2010


Wyse CEO proclaims 'perfect storm' for thin clients

John Kish, CEO of Wyse Technology, sits down in a Face-to-Face interview with ZDNet Editor in Chief Dan Farber. Kish says that with the increase in network bandwidth and the advent of new virtualization technologies, everything running on a PC can be hosted centrally on the network. He believes that thin clients are finally ready for widespread adoption.

November 1, 2007


Five takeaways from VMworld

VMworld was an energy-filled show with a huge amount going on, but these five points are what stayed with me.

By September 11, 2009


Get ready for virtualization to affect you, too

VMware is pushing its software for use on PCs and mobile phones. There's plenty of room for expansion--but watch out for that cloud.

By September 4, 2009


IBM launches cloud virtual-desktop service

IBM enters virtual-desktop market with eye on cost savings and manageability.

By September 2, 2009


Utilities Updates: Memtest 4.2; Trash Locked Files 1.1; Where is my disk space? 1.2; Skype; more

Utilities Updates: Memtest 4.2; Trash Locked Files 1.1; Where is my disk space? 1.2; Skype; more

By October 23, 2006