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EnCross WaveX WV-400

The WV-430C is a bit expensive compared to similar players, but strong audio quality and well-implemented features make it an attractive option.

By March 22, 2005

3.5 stars Editors' rating March 22, 2005

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Lego spill tangles up West Virginia highway

Better watch where you step. A tragic Lego disaster along a West Virginia highway results in a one-lane shutdown.

By March 5, 2013


Senator: Let's study violent video games -- again

Sen. Jay Rockefeller says he will call on the National Academy of Sciences to investigate the impact of violent video games on youth.

By December 20, 2012


Commerce Dept. suggests new privacy regulations

New 88-page report suggests, but stops short of formally endorsing, new laws regulating data collection, data breaches, and cloud computing privacy.

By December 16, 2010


TSA plans modest changes to 'virtual strip searches'

TSA tells Congress that "new policies" likely will exempt pilots from controversial new screening procedures. But general public may not benefit.

By November 16, 2010


The 404 664: Where you pick it, we stick it (podcast)

Jeff's back and today we're talking about NHL 2K11, tattoos, New Jersey's latest "quiet commute" cars, Microsoft's Windows 7 funeral procession (boo), and more!

By September 13, 2010


Microsoft suspends 'Fort Gay' gamer

Presuming his location to be a pejorative slur, Microsoft suspends an Xbox Live gamer until the company discovers that Fort Gay, W. Va., is a very real place.

By September 8, 2010


Sony shows 3D laptop due in 2011

The Vaio line will get 3D display abilities in 2011, and Sony was eager to show off prototypes of the products as part of its 3D campaign at the IFA show.

By September 1, 2010


BOL 1070: Windows 7 cuddle party

Microsoft shows "Pink" (sort of), MMS disaster, er, feature about to launch on iPhone, Wii gets price cut, Archos new Win7 tablet looks great (too bad nobody will notice), and MIT has a synthetic eyeball on the way that amazes us. Oh yeah... and about tha

By September 24, 2009


The 404 247: Where Wicker Hollow is stuck in the Lincoln Tunnel

Back by popular demand, Wicker Hollow is in the studio with us today on The 404.

By December 15, 2008