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LaunchRock sets up site launch placeholders

You think we're not in a bubble? Then how did a company that simply creates "coming soon" pages get funding? Thankfully, it turns out there's more to it than that.

By August 16, 2011


Icebrrg: a carbon copy of WuFoo

Icebrrg: a carbon copy of WuFoo

By October 24, 2006


Tools that work: Wufoo, Google, LogMeIn

Rafe goes beyond the first date and declares his love for Wufoo, and his complex relationship with Google Spreadsheet.

By March 6, 2007


Vote in the 2009 Webware 100!

Make your voice heard: Cast your votes for the best Web 2.0 apps and services.

By March 31, 2009


The firewall vs. the cloud

Slavish devotion to Web 2.0 concepts doesn't work in the real world, and companies that realize that can make more money.

By February 19, 2009


Google: 10 ways the cloud is good for business

At Office 2.0 conference, Matthew Glotzbach of Google tells us why the company's direction is the way of the future for business.

By September 4, 2008


TinEye: Search the Web with images instead of words

TinEye lets you hunt for images.

By May 8, 2008


We've got Brightkite invites for you [update: gone]

Brightkite invites--get them here.

By April 28, 2008


Voting is now open for the 2008 Webware 100!

Vote early, vote often... show your favorite Web 2.0 apps some love.

By February 25, 2008