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A nice handheld flamethrower? How handy

Technically Incorrect: Monday sees the launch of the XM42, which claims to be the first ever legally available portable flamethrower.

By March 22, 2015


Texting and driving woman ends up in lake

A Maryland woman allegedly admits she was texting and driving, when she hit a tree, rebounded 60 feet, and ended up in a lake.

By September 11, 2013


Best Buy employee accused of copying woman's steamy photos

A woman who wanted to transfer her photos to a newly-purchased iPhone says a Best Buy employee didn't make the transfer, but made a CD of the shots and invited her to his house to get it.

By July 22, 2012


Stop whining, this *is* the iPhone 5

If you look past the fact that this is essentially the same glass-and-metal case and 960x640-pixel display, it's an almost entirely new device, at least as different as the iPad 2 was from the original iPad.

By October 4, 2011


Best USB microphones for high-quality Skype audio

WTOP-FM, an all-news station in Washington, D.C., has compiled a list of the best USB microphones at different price levels for high-quality Skype audio.

By July 26, 2011


Obama's CIO temporarily steps down after FBI raids ex-employer

President Obama last week chose Vivek Kundra, former District of Columbia CTO, as federal CIO. On Thursday, the FBI raided Kundra's old offices, which coincided with two arrests as part of a bribery sting.

By March 12, 2009


Phantom Menace DVD: Another reply from InterActual; Reader comments

Phantom Menace DVD: Another reply from InterActual; Reader comments

By October 19, 2001