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China to reform rare-earth exports after WTO ruling

But China says it regrets the WTO's decision, a ruling that could have implications for the legality of the country's rare-earth export quotas. China insists its policies are based on environmental and resource protection.

By July 6, 2011


World Trade Organisation decision supports 'legal pirate site' in Antigua

The recent World Trade Organisation (WTO) meeting in Geneva has brought Antigua’s plan to run a copyright-free download site for media one step closer to reality.

By January 28, 2013


China cuts rare earth export quotas

Republic reduces its first batch of rare earth export quotas for 2011 by more than 11 percent, in the face of a threat by the U.S. to complain to the WTO over the limits.

By December 28, 2010


U.S. to Russia: Allofmp3.com closes door on your WTO chances

Music site is due to make comeback and that may doom Russia's hopes of entering WTO this year.

By August 29, 2007


WTO slams U.S. Net-gambling ban

Efforts by the United States to outlaw gambling on offshore Web sites aren't quite legal, according to the World Trade Organization.

By April 7, 2005


U.S. handed deadline to clarify Net gambling rules

WTO says the government has until next April to align its regulations with global rules designed to promote free trade.

By August 22, 2005


China, U.S. resolve chip tax issues

Will China honor its WTO obligations? Its decision to ax a disputed value added tax for chips suggests it might.

By July 8, 2004


High-tech readies for China, Taiwan in WTO

China and Taiwan have cleared the last serious hurdles to entry into the World Trade Organization, and the technology market will never be the same.

By September 17, 2001


Dell transfers desktop production to China

The PC maker is relocating some production work for the Japanese market from Malaysia to China, as the world's most populous nation prepares to enter the WTO.

By September 21, 2001


Short Take: WTO reverses tariff ruling on networking equipment

In a blow to networking companies such as Cisco and Bay Networks, an appellate body of the World Trade Organization has reversed an earlier ruling that relaxed some tariffs imposed by European Union countries, Bloomberg reported. The reversal means European nations may classify networking equipment as telecommunications devices, potentially subjecting them to much higher tariffs.

June 4, 1998