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Time-lapse of 9/11 Memorial Museum build will inspire you

Video from Ground Zero shows just how much progress has been made in a decade as a nation rebuilds.

By May 22, 2014


Apple reportedly plans two more NY retail locations

New Manhattan stores are expected to open in the new World Trade Center and a nearly century-old bank building on the Upper East Side, according to reports.

By May 6, 2014


Moving time-lapse vid of One World Trade Center construction

As New York's beautiful One World Trade Center nears completion, a powerful time-lapse movie shows the skyscraper's construction from start to near finish.

By September 11, 2013


Names on WTC memorial arranged by algorithm

A custom-crafted algorithm arranged the victims' names to reflect their relationships, meeting an enormous design challenge.

By September 11, 2011


Why Google 'vertical' search shouldn't face antitrust action

commentary One of the areas where Google has attracted antitrust attention is "vertical" search. There are good reasons why it shouldn't be hindered from offering this.

By November 19, 2012


The technology of the 9/11 Memorial

More than 2 million people have visited the memorial at the site of the September 11 attacks in New York City. Many are using tech to help get the most out of their visits.

By April 19, 2012


Buzz Out Loud 1550: Are you Hot or Bot? (Podcast)

Amazon wants to be the Netflix of books, and we can't wait. The 9/11 Memorial uses tech to honor the victims memory. If you just use Twitter to lurk, you're not a bot, we're paging Dr. Watson and we want your Android OS name ideas!

By September 12, 2011


IBM scoops up hosting outfit Corio

The buy will bolster IBM's application-hosting business, which CEO Sam Palmisano has singled out as having significant growth potential.

By January 25, 2005


Virus report points to profit-hungry hackers

Trend Micro report validates concern in security industry that malicious hackers are more interested in money than fame.

By November 3, 2004