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11 things we learned from 'Star Trek Beyond'

It's more Trek than it looks, and it's all about Brexit. Here's what we learned from the new Star Trek movie. Spoilers on the starboard bow, captain!

By July 24, 2016


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is writing a book

His first book, "Hit Refresh," will cover the topic of transformations.

By June 30, 2016


Cities worldwide join forces to write rulebook for Uber and Airbnb

The newly formed alliance will be led by the mayors of New York and Paris.

By June 21, 2016


Turns out, computers suck at writing poems

Could you tell the difference between a poem written by a computer versus one by a human? Based on a contest at Dartmouth, the answer is a resounding yes.

By May 19, 2016


Google AI channels Vogons, writes terrible poems

Google's neural network has been working on generating sentences in an attempt to learn to converse naturally, and the result is just wonderful.

By May 16, 2016


Get writing software Scrivener for $18

From the Cheapskate: This top-rated tool, a favorite among novelists and screenwriters alike, normally runs $45. Plus: three seriously good bonus deals.

By April 12, 2016


Nintendo reminds investors it didn't make Pokemon Go, stock plummets

The company's share price more than doubled in the two weeks following the release of the augmented reality game -- but it dropped by 18 percent on Monday.

By July 25, 2016


Buy the chair J.K. Rowling sat on to write 'Harry Potter'

A lucky bidder will soon get to take a seat on a piece of literary history as J.K. Rowling's hand-painted "Harry Potter" chair goes up for auction.

By March 11, 2016


J.K. Rowling writes new stories on wands, segregation, skin-walkers and Salem witches

Harry Potter fans are in for a treat: Four installments of the "Magic in North America" series on the Pottermore website explores the history of Native American mythology, Salem witch trials, wand makers, wizard segregation and more.

By March 10, 2016


Here are all the countries where Pokemon Go is available

Still don't have Pokemon Go? You're not alone.

By July 19, 2016