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Ruling in Apple v. Motorola throws wrench in Apple v. Samsung

Apple and Samsung will have one hour each to present more testimony Monday, rather than wrap up evidence Friday, because of an appeals court ruling related to one of the patents at issue in the case.

By April 25, 2014


Emporia takes a wrench to Android with heavily-customised first smartphone

Emporia's first smartphone runs a seriously altered version of Android that's designed to be easy to use. Check out our hands-on video, and see it for yourself

By February 24, 2014


Twitter account suspension throws wrench in Wired find-the-reporter game

Wired readers have been tasked with locating reporter Evan Ratliff, who has gone on the "lam," but his Twitter account--a source of clues--has been suspended for "strange activity."

By August 21, 2009


Could NetApp suit throw a wrench in Sun-IBM talks?

NetApp's patent suit against Sun Microsystems could pose a challenging hurdle for Sun in its reported merger talks with IBM, reports American Lawyer's AM Law.com site.

By March 24, 2009


Apple's quick links injunction appeal denied

An appeals court decision on a patent lawsuit between Apple and Google's Motorola Mobility could throw a wrench into the iPhone maker's ongoing legal battle with Samsung.

By April 25, 2014


iPhone 5C sales may affect China Mobile deal -- analyst

Weaker-than-expected demand for the lower-cost iPhone may be throwing a monkey wrench in an agreement between Apple and China's largest carrier.

By December 20, 2013


iPad, MacBook torpedoing ultrabook sales, says analyst

Apple is throwing a wrench into the ultrabook works. The iPad has consumers' attention in the mid-range, while MacBooks own the high end.

By August 6, 2012


Hot holiday gadget? You'll never guess

It's a wrench

By January 2, 2007


Upcoming flights to and from space station face delays

The failure of a Russian Soyuz rocket that uses the same upper stage as the manned version has thrown a wrench into space station planning, with upcoming flights to and from the outpost facing delays.

By August 29, 2011


How long a wait for PCs, Macs with fixed Intel chip?

New PCs and Macs with Sandy Bridge chips had been expected to flood the market over the next weeks and months. But Intel's chipset glitch has thrown a wrench into the works.

By February 7, 2011