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Memo to Apple's Tim Cook: Recorded music is worthless

If you can get it for free on YouTube, Pandora or Spotify, that's what it's worth: nothing.

By June 6, 2015


'I don't see YouTube! It's worthless!' Kids react to Apple Watch

The next generation of tech-savvy kids review the Apple Watch with mixed results in the latest "Kids React" video from The Fine Brothers.

By May 4, 2015


Woz: Samsung Galaxy Gear is 'worthless'

The Apple co-founder, who often embraces many platforms, says he threw his Samsung smartwatch out after half a day.

By July 1, 2014


Outcry over iPhone 'Error 53' and bad USB Type-C cables (CNET Update show notes)

Be careful when replacing parts. Poorly made cables can fry a laptop, and iPhones will stop working if the Touch ID button is repaired outside of Apple. It's a lesson some are learning the hard way.

By February 5, 2016


Google: GPAs are worthless

Google's senior vice president of "people operations" reveals that grade point averages mean nothing in hiring. Oh, and Google's going to stop its silly brain teaser tests too.

By June 20, 2013


National database proposed for stolen phones

Cell phone theft is becoming a common crime worldwide. The iPhone in particular is a popular target because of its high resale value. The FCC has announced it is partnering with major cell phone carriers to make stolen cell phones worthless. CNET's Kara Tsuboi reports.

By April 10, 2012


GAME to stay open for now as group enters administration

High-street games retailer GAME has gone into administration, having declared shares in the company worthless.

By March 21, 2012


Apple says your cell phone is worthless

Apple's COO defends the iPhone's high price tag.

By March 6, 2007


Music radio? Is anybody listening anymore?

Has the withering of "free" over-the-air music radio proved music is worthless? With Sirius's stock hovering around fifty cents, will commercial-free music satellite radio suffer the same fate?

By October 8, 2008


Why do we fall for bubbles?

It can happen at any time: market bubbles burst, companies crash and burn, investment portfolios become worthless overnight. Why oh why, against all logic and common sense, do we all fall for bubbles?

By March 11, 2008