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Concept for a sun-worshipping laptop

Nikoladesign envisions an extra flap that acts as a solar panel.

By February 29, 2008


I worship you, secret Giordano's pizza giver


By December 24, 2007


Headset worships the sun even after summer

Finland's Iqua debuts solar-powered device.

By October 4, 2007


Headphones that worship the sun

Solar-powered pair can last 19 hours

By May 7, 2007


A sun-worshiping keyboard

Powered through solar panel

By February 7, 2007


At the NY Tech Meetup, animation lessons and iPhone worship

Here's what happened at the January edition.

By January 10, 2007


Inside Thorncrown Chapel, the Ozarks' glass masterpiece

Conceived by an alcoholic schoolteacher and designed by Frank Lloyd Wright student Fay Jones, it won the highest honors in architecture. CNET Road Trip 2014 stopped in for a visit.

By July 15, 2014


Earth revolves around the sun? 1 in 4 Americans say nope

A National Science Foundation survey offers a sobering reflection of knowledge in today's all-knowing world. Many people really do believe the sun circles the Earth. And more than half don't know that humans evolved from animals.

By February 14, 2014


One in five Americans use phones in church

According to a study, Americans are torn in their worship. Thirty-five percent also admit to using phones in movie theaters.

By July 10, 2013