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Meet the world's thinnest laptop, the HP Spectre

At 10.4mm, this 13-inch laptop is thinner than even a 12-inch MacBook.

By April 5, 2016


The Most Exciting Tech in the World

Robots, space travel and living in the Matrix. CNET editors from around the globe get personal about the tech that fires them up the most.


Solar Impulse 2 resumes flight around world after months-long delay (watch live)

Bound for California, the solar plane took off from Hawaii after a long layover devoted to fixing battery damage.

By April 22, 2016


At 'Payback' this weekend a new era of WWE wrestling begins

Commentary: This Sunday, WWE is being invaded on two fronts. Between call ups from its own minor leagues and talent from New Japan Pro Wrestling, we're looking at a very different WWE and that's a very good thing.

By April 29, 2016


Watch Nissan shatter a world record with a 190-mph drift

There's a record for just about everything, isn't there?

By April 8, 2016


Watch this priceless Ferrari F40 drift through snow without a care in the world

Sort of makes you wonder about all the decisions you've made in this life, doesn't it?

By March 30, 2016


The world's largest model airport is incredible

Watch a Concorde and even the Millennium Falcon take off and fly at Hamburg's Miniatur Wunderland.

By April 12, 2016


Watch the world's biggest jumping spider leap in sticky slo-mo

Depending how you feel about spiders, this BBC video of a slo-mo jumping spider is either full of win or full of nope.

By January 7, 2016


Watch a drone nearly hit skier during World Cup race

Technically Incorrect: Marcel Hirscher had just started his slalom when a TV camera drone crashed within feet of him.

By December 23, 2015


Watch and hear Jaguar's fastest kitty tear through NYC's underground.

See and hear what it's like to go rampaging through a closed-off Manhattan tunnel in Jaguar's F-Type SVR, one of the world's best-sounding cars.

By March 24, 2016


Watch this teen destroy the Rubik's Cube world record

Fourteen-year-old Lucas Etter used his blazing-fast hands to set the 3x3 Rubik's Cube world record in 4.9 seconds, beating the previous record set just seven months ago.

By November 24, 2015