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Amazon workers strike at five German facilities

Just as holiday orders peak for the e-commerce giant, more than 2,000 distribution center workers strike in Germany.

By December 15, 2014


Amazon worker strike expands to fifth German facility

The workers argue that Amazon isn't paying them enough, while the company says they're actually paid at the upper level of their grade.

By September 24, 2014


Amazon workers in Germany extend strike over wages

More than 600 people walked off the job over the weekend following a dispute over pay.

By June 2, 2014


Amazon's German workers may strike yet again

German labor union Verdi tells workers to go on strike after Amazon decides against wage-agreement talks.

By April 17, 2014


Amazon's German workers go on strike again over pay

About half of the workers at Amazon's distribution center in Leipzig -- 500 people -- have gone on strike, according to a report.

By March 31, 2014


Amazon: Snowfall is a bigger problem than worker strikes

The e-commerce giant doesn't seem too worried about thousands of German factory workers threatening to strike during the busy holiday season.

By November 29, 2013


Nokia workers vow to continue strike over Microsoft deal

Striking employees in China say they were forced to sign new and weaker contracts because of the Microsoft purchase.

By November 22, 2013


Up to 4,000 Foxconn workers strike in iPhone 5 factory

The workers have been asked for higher standards without adequate training, according to a report.

By October 6, 2012


Foxconn workers reportedly strike over iPhone quality demands

Workers at a key Foxconn facility producing iPhones went on strike earlier today, according to a report from a Chinese watchdog group.

By October 5, 2012


Verizon workers go on strike

Comcast offers a $9.95 Internet Essentials service to low-income families, the FBI releases an iPhone app that helps parents with a missing child, and Verizon workers in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic go on strike after negotiations fail to produce a contract.

By August 8, 2011