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Forget sharks. These other animals are more likely to kill you

CDC data shows that cows kill more people in the US on average than the feared stars of "Jaws." Also, if you dream a cute, cud-chewing creature is killing you, you're probably eating too much dairy.

By June 20, 2015


Riots, suicides, and other issues in Foxconn's iPhone factories

What makes life hard at the giant plants that make iPhones and other staples of high-tech life? CNET's Jay Greene traveled to China to find out.

By September 25, 2012


Which Keyboard?

Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) cut my career as a hacker short. How can I protect my daughter from a similar fate?

By June 21, 2007


Time to crack down on tech at work?

Attorney Eric J. Sinrod says employers have their work cut out in setting workplace rules around new gadgets and communications technologies.

June 14, 2006


Is tech injuring children?

Prolonged exposure to technology use by kids has many expecting a rash of new repetitive stress injuries.

By May 19, 2006


Case shines light on tech injuries

A worker fired over injuries that prevented her from typing cannot sue her former employer under federal anti-discrimination law, an appeals court rules.

By August 16, 2001


Judge overturns RSI verdict

A federal judge throws out a $5.3 million jury verdict against Digital Equipment in a keyboard injury case.

April 30, 1997