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WordPress folds in Google+ for authentication, comments

Google's social-network technology is grafted onto the self-publishing system, adding new sharing options and and giving WordPress posts prominence in search results.

By September 10, 2013


WordPress' Mullenweg: Users lose in Twitter-Instagram spat

It's a problem when Internet companies try to restrict users to their own turf, says the founder of a widely used online publishing software and service.

By December 6, 2012


How to podcast, Part 4: Tagging and posting your show online

Find out how to get your show ready to be online to be downloaded by your adoring public.

By August 15, 2014


WordPress releases major app refresh for iPhone, iPad

The update for the popular iOS blogging app has been released on the App Store, with more than 180 enhancements and fixes.

By August 10, 2012


How to use WordPress as a basic CMS

We show you how to setup WordPress as a basic content management system, giving you a more efficient way of organising stacks of content.

By October 19, 2011


Google revs Chrome for Android with new beta release

The Chrome 25 beta for Android adds several features, but perhaps the most important is that it doesn't lag the PC version of the browser nearly as much.

By January 11, 2013


Facebook revives NYE message service after security fix

Social network temporarily turns off "Midnight Delivery" because users were able to view others' private messages and photos. It's up now, but may not be working for everyone.

By December 31, 2012


How to set a favicon for a WordPress blog

A favicon, or customized icon, is nice way to personalize a blog. WordPress blogs, both hosted and free, can be configured to use a favicon. We'll go over how to set a favicon for your own WordPress blog.

By April 29, 2011


WordPress hit by 'extremely large' DDoS attack

Blog host WordPress is the target of a distributed denial-of-service attack today that the company says is the largest in its six-year history.

By March 3, 2011


Two new money-making platforms for social content creators

Two new social nets, Chime.in and Mightybell, allow social network contributors to take some of their content and turn it into income property.

By October 20, 2011