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Addicted to the sound of distorted guitars: A guilty pleasure?

The Audiophiliac ponders his attraction to intentionally distorted music.

By October 24, 2015


YouTube gets injected with 12K live concert videos

The video-sharing site works with Music Vault to bring users thousands of remastered music videos, from The Grateful Dead to The Sex Pistols to Fleet Foxes.

By July 8, 2014


Samsung to Apple: Camping out for a new phone isn't Woodstock

Two more new Samsung TV spots. Two more ways for Samsung to laugh about those Apple fanboys who sit outside at their "Woodstock" waiting for yet another iPhone.

By January 24, 2012


iOS 6 map mess was no big surprise to Apple

Tim Cook took a calculated risk -- getting rid of Google Maps was more important than delivering a less-flawed Apple Maps app.

By September 22, 2012


Sprint ad expects unlimited love for new Evo

Feel the love for the HTC Evo 4G LTE with Sprint's latest marketing push.

By June 4, 2012


Microsoft readying cross-platform Xbox music service, report says

The service won't require any browser plug-ins, according to the report, and could work on Android, iOS, and Windows 8, among other platforms.

By April 25, 2012


Should Apple stop holding its big launch events?

The big Apple launch event was made for Steve Jobs. But now that he's not around, should Apple think of a different, more modern way of launching its products?

By February 5, 2012


Samsung's Super Bowl ad: Farrelly brother, Apple-baiting?

In a series of tweets, Samsung teases a major Super Bowl spot, directed by Bobby Farrelly. Is this the launch of the Galaxy Note?

By January 30, 2012


Awesome-sounding audio gift ideas

Great audio, like great everything else, is really expensive, but we've rounded up a nice selection of audio gifts priced from $100 and up.

By December 17, 2011


CD box sets: It's that time of year again

Downloads and streaming music can't touch physical media for sound quality, and they forfeit the pleasures associated with truly deluxe packaging.

By November 19, 2011