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Fluance Fi30 High Performance Bluetooth Wood Speaker System (pictures)

The $149.99 Fluance Fi30 is arguably the best wireless Bluetooth speaker we've heard for the money.

6 Images By Mar. 13, 2014


Stop-motion laser cut onto 800 blocks of wood

Designer Nando Costa has created an experimental abstract stop-motion film by painstakingly laser cutting each frame onto a block of maple wood.

By Oct. 25, 2013


Motorola Moto X has Google voice control and a wood case

The 4.7-inch Moto X is the first smart phone from Google and Motorola -- and it's a bit wooden.

By Aug. 1, 2013


Snap, filter, and share photos with Wood Camera

Wood Camera is an iPhone camera app with a new set of effects and tools for sharing photos on Instagram and other social networks.

By Jan. 28, 2013


Spruce up your Mac's keyboard with wood key caps

If you are tired of the look of your Apple keyboard, an elegant wooden touch might be the answer.

By May. 3, 2013


Bluetooth speaker made from 50,000-year-old wood

The Petite Square Indiegogo project is looking to hook your MP3 player up with some ancient swamp wood from New Zealand.

By Jan. 17, 2013