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US sues Sprint for allegedly overcharging on wiretaps

The government claims Sprint "inflated its charges by approximately 58 percent," which amounts to more than $21 million in overpayment.

By Mar. 3, 2014


Verizon Transparency Report reveals 164,000 subpoenas, 1,500 wiretaps

The company received about 320,000 requests for customer information in the US, and just a few thousand internationally.

By Jan. 22, 2014


RIM aiding India with wiretaps, report says

The BlackBerry provider is said to be providing decoded customer messages to the Indian government--as long as it believes there is "legal authorization" to do so.

By Oct. 28, 2011


The day the wiretaps go dead

Privacy enhancing technologies are finally easy enough to use. Best of all, they threaten to dismantle the widespread surveillance net that the NSA and other agencies have deployed over the past few years.

By Feb. 8, 2008


Examining the NSA wiretaps

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter, R-Penn., quizzes Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez about the NSA spying program on Monday.

Nov. 1, 2007


Can terrorists use the Net to avoid wiretaps?

Can members of Al Qaeda use voice over Internet technology (VoIP) to avoid wiretaps?

By Jan. 16, 2008


Obama: No warrantless wiretaps if you elect me

The front-running Democrat in the New Hampshire primary makes the promise in one last stump speech at an election day rally with the Facebook generation.

By Jan. 8, 2008


Sprint approves KitKat update for more Samsung smartphones

The carrier will soon deploy Android 4.4.2 upgrades to a wider circle of its Galaxy phones and tablets.

By Mar. 5, 2014


Google turns over less user data as government requests rise

Government demands to Google for user data jump 120 percent in four years, but the percentage of requests where it handed over data are down.

By Mar. 27, 2014


SoftBank targets broadband to justify T-Mobile buyout -- report

SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son will reportedly argue that having a strong third mobile carrier will help even the playing field for in-home broadband.

By Mar. 10, 2014