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Google looks to test ultra-high-speed wireless Net technology

Google is seeking permission to test a high-speed Internet service that could be in your home before Fiber.

By October 16, 2014


CNET News Daily Podcast: What's next for wireless Net neutrality?

CNET News' Declan McCullagh stops by to report how the FCC could step in to the issue of free and open networks on wireless connections.

By November 7, 2008


Democratic win could herald wireless Net neutrality

The Bush administration has been skeptical of Net neutrality, unlike President-elect Barack Obama. Fans of more regulation hope to use this support to target wireless as well.

By November 7, 2008


Yuraku's portable wireless Net radio

It requires hot spots, so expect lost signals.

By September 26, 2007


Wireless Net radio is cooler than it looks

The Phoenix portable IP Radio

By November 13, 2006


SoftBank's Masa Son on why Sprint needs T-Mobile

The Internet is run by a cable monopoly in Comcast and a wireless duopoly in Verizon and AT&T, Son says. He wants to shake things up.

By May 28, 2014


Decision on US Xbox 360 ban to take 'months'

The decision on whether the Xbox should be banned was expected next month, but has been significantly delayed.

By July 1, 2012


ITC delays ruling on U.S. ban of Xbox

The U.S. International Trade Commission has sent the case -- related to Motorola patents -- back to the ITC judge who recommended the ban, Reuters reports. His reconsideration of the case will probably take months.

By June 30, 2012


Ep. 1376: WTF, CIA WTF?

We're pretty sure that both Lukin (in Computer Love) and the CIA are displaying a sense of humor this week, but frankly, it's kind of hard to tell. WTF? Also, did the FCC really try to tell us that they don't need wireless Net neutrality regulations because, um, Android is open? Wow. And NPR hands it to Ping in a big way, calling it one of the worst ideas in music in 2010. Ouch. And ... yes. And a special Computer Love on a Wednesday because it's the last live show of the year! See you all in 2011, everyone! --Molly

By December 22, 2010