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WIPO wants to wipe out your rights

WIPO wants to wipe out your rights

By September 27, 2005


Short Take: WIPO domain trademark plan delayed

The World Intellectual Property Organization has extended the release of its anticipated recommendations to quell trademark fights over domain names until April 23. The plan was supposed to be submitted by the end of this month.

March 31, 1999


WIPO readies domain report amid criticism

The World Intellectual Property Organization readies its solution to trademark battles over domain names, but critics say it favors big business.

March 29, 1999


WIPO domain proposals coming

By the end of next month, the World Intellectual Property Organization is expected to submit its final policy proposal for dealing with domain name disputes.

February 23, 1999


WIPO deals with domain disputes

The group is collecting public comments in its quest to work out a system for handling disputes over Net domain names.

July 10, 1998


Players jockey for domain positions

WIPO is set to release its solution to domain trademark disputes, amid criticism from academics and others. Meanwhile, ICANN extends the deadline for companies hoping to compete with Network Solutions.

By March 29, 1999


Short Take: Organizations track copyrights

The World Intellectual Property Organization Arbitration and Mediation Center said today that it will collaborate with Interdeposit, a Geneva-based organization that tracks digital works, to resolve intellectual property disputes. One of Interdeposit's founding members, APP Paris, will monitor the Internet for intellectual property violations, while the WIPO Center will handle arbitration.

By April 25, 1997


No piracy policing by ISPs

A controversial treaty proposal to make ISPs and telephone carriers police their customers' activities is dropped at the WIPO conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

By December 20, 1996


Safety in technology

Buried deep in the WIPO database treaty is a provision to ban copyright-cracking technology that opponents say could make PCs and correction fluid illegal.

December 13, 1996