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Learn more about programs running on your system and be notified to any critical system changes.

3.5 stars Editors' rating on Mar 31, 2015
4.5 stars Users' rating out of 765 reviews
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Safely configure Applications, Services & Registry locations from a USB or other portable device.

3 stars Editors' rating on Jul 17, 2013
4.5 stars Users' rating out of 8 reviews
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Task Catcher

Block unwanted programs from running and restart disabled or crashed programs.

3 stars Editors' rating on Feb 27, 2009
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Get WinPatrol Plus for 99 cents

Normally $29.95, this mega-popular utility helps you tweak, optimize, and accelerate Windows. You have until noon tomorrow to score this deal.

By April 17, 2012


Get 10GB of Pogoplug cloud storage for free

Normally the company offers only 5GB, but Cheapskate readers get double the space! Upload, share, and stream files via your PCs and mobile devices.

By October 25, 2012


How to prevent malware and adware downloads

Make sure all your software is up-to-date, watch out for suspicious e-mail, think twice before you click a download, and do a manual virus scan on downloaded files before you open them.

By September 19, 2011


Software Explorer keeps unneeded apps from auto-starting

This component of Vista's Windows Defender security program makes disabling auto-start apps a breeze.

By April 22, 2008


Remove unnecessary autostart apps that won't go away

Some programs sneak onto Windows XP's start-up list--and stay there--regardless of whether you need them. Here's how to make certain applications start up only when you need them.

By April 21, 2008