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Windows 10 upgrades from pirated predecessors won't be legit

Microsoft clarifies its statement about Windows 10 by noting that you can upgrade from a non-genuine version of Windows 7 or 8.1, but that doesn't mean you now have a legitimate version, according to Ars Technica.

By March 20, 2015


Microsoft to launch Windows 10 in 190 countries this summer

The next-generation operating system will feature a new biometric login system called Windows Hello.

By March 17, 2015


Windows 10 targets current pirates with free update

Microsoft wants to bring pirated copies of current Windows software back into the fold. Plus, Windows 10's hardware requirements have been laid out.

By March 18, 2015


WinHEC 2008: Bag yes, hard drive no

WinHEC attendees get a laptop bag, unlike those at last week's professional developer conference. That said, their copy of Windows 7 will come on DVD, rather than the hard drive that PDC folks got.

By November 4, 2008


Microsoft sets November date for WinHEC

Software maker will hold the conference in November in Los Angeles, a week after it has its Professional Developers Conference in the same locale.

By March 19, 2008


Microsoft scraps in-person Windows conference

Company had planned a Windows Summit in Redmond but will make the event a series of online presentations instead. Those who signed up are getting refunds.

By April 28, 2010


Microsoft plans Windows Summit for May

Redmond says the conference is aimed at those needing a kick-start creating products for Windows 7. It won't be the place where Microsoft talks about the future of its desktop operating system.

By April 1, 2010


At WinHEC 2007, Microsoft vigorously defends Vista

Microsoft dismisses negative talk about is new operating system.

By May 16, 2007


Windows 7: Moving beyond Vista

Microsoft aims to make a much different first impression with Windows 7 than it did with Vista, its oft-maligned predecessor.

July 6, 2009


Microsoft looks to scale 'Kilimanjaro'

The next version of SQL Server, like the next version of Windows, will support 256 processors. Microsoft is also adding some features to Windows Server 2008 R2, which is due out alongside Windows 7.

By May 11, 2009