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Dave Winer's first encounters with the Macintosh

guest post Dave Winer's ThinkTank outliner was among the first wave of Macintosh software products. It was love at first sight, but Winer believes the Mac stopped short of where it could have gone.

By January 24, 2014


Dave Winer debuts 'classic' Little Outliner

Outline software, blogger, and RSS pioneer Dave Winer is going back to the future with a new company focused on outliner apps.

By March 25, 2013


Dave Winer looks into Google's App Engine and sees the future

Software pioneer Dave Winer looks to the past to understand the impact of Google's App Engine. Google, he says, is taking the black magic out of operating a scalable Web application.

By April 8, 2008


TechCrunch vs. News.com editor: The final round

Mike Arrington has his final say--let's hope. So did Dave Winer. And now, Charles Cooper swears this is his final post on "l'affaire FM."

By June 26, 2007


3,000 blogs lose their voice

Software developer Dave Winer shutters Weblogs.com without notice, citing heavy traffic load. Some blogging fans blast the move.

By June 16, 2004


Blog format truce proposed

Dave Winer, backer of the widely implemented and criticized RSS syndication format, suggests that the format merge with its challenger.

By March 9, 2004


Battle of the blog

A power struggle erupts over a technology widely used to distribute Web logs, pitting blog pioneer Dave Winer against opponents at IBM, Google and others clamoring for a different format.

By August 4, 2003


Winer whines with little persuasion

A News.com reader writes that anti-Microsoft folks around the world would like to believe the company is dangerous and evil.

November 8, 2001