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Crazy Willcom WX03A phone accessory is also a phone

A miniature phone you attach to your phone? That's right, it's a crazy accessory, and it might not surprise you to learn it's Japanese.

By Sep. 21, 2011


Yahoo Japan plans $3.2B eAccess buy from SoftBank

Yahoo Japan, partly owned by SoftBank and Yahoo, plans to use the acquisition to launch its own mobile Internet service.

By Mar. 27, 2014


Yahoo Japan kills deal to buy eAccess from Softbank

But Yahoo Japan will still use the eAccess network to kick-start its own mobile Internet services.

By May. 19, 2014


Boring conversation? Snooze with phone pillow

Japanese carrier Willcom is offering subscribers this pillow headset just in case they can't stay awake.

By Dec. 8, 2011


Japan handheld with Intel Atom chip debuts

Willcom, Sharp, Microsoft, and Intel have announced an ultra-mobile device using Intel's Atom processor, one of the first devices to be officially announced.

By Apr. 14, 2008


Red Hat wins the Japanese IT vote...again

Japan has voted Red Hat its top IT vendor, two years running.

By May. 27, 2008


Speakerphone finally goes wireless

No more dragging cords and knocking over coffee mugs

By Mar. 8, 2007


Fingerprinting by radio waves

Phone's biometrics don't require contact

By Jan. 28, 2007


Red Hat rated #1 IT vendor in Japan

As if Red Hat needed one more accolade to go to its head...now the Japanese love the company, too!

By Aug. 13, 2007


This week in laptops

Dell Vostro 1310, Enpower ENP780, and all the week's laptop news.

By Apr. 18, 2008