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Tech Minute: Apps to help you identify wildlife

If you're a nature enthusiast, curious to learn about new species of trees or birds, leave your field guides at home. Instead, bring your smartphone on your next outing, loaded with two handy apps to help you identify the wildlife you encounter. CNET's Kara Tsuboi reports.

By Apr. 12, 2013


High-tech cameras capture wildlife

Because many wild animals are nocturnal and wary of humans, it can be extremely difficult for naturalists to observe their behavior or keep track of species populations. But now wildlife biologists are turning to high technology to capture every furry footstep and each flap of a wing. CNET's Kara Tsuboi reports.

By Oct. 17, 2012


Photos: Yellowstone wildlife

A quick look at some of the wildlife that thrives in Yellowstone National Park, as seen by CNET News reporter Daniel Terdiman on Road Trip 2009.

4 Images By Jul. 20, 2009


Tracking Internet wildlife trade

At a press conference in San Francisco, Jeffrey Flocken and Barbara Cartwright of the International Fund for Animal Welfare talk about their organization's report, "Killing with Keystrokes." The 38-page document details the illegal trade in endangered species over the Internet. It's the result of a six-week investigation that tracked more than 7,000 wildlife product listings on 185 Web sites.

By Oct. 21, 2008


Wildlife Photographer of the Year (not me)

Being a reasonable person, or at any rate a reasonably busy one, I'm not fancying my changes of becoming Wildlife Photographer of the Year

By Dec. 14, 2006


National Geographic Wildlife Filmmaker: Cute, flawed mashups

National Geographic traverses Web 2.0 territory with a cute video mashup engine that never graduates past the basics.

By Oct. 9, 2007


Stenheim Alumine: Elegant high-end speakers from Switzerland

The Audiophiliac drops by the Audioarts showroom for an audition of these stunning speakers.

By Dec. 4, 2013


Drones help prevent rhino, elephant poaching

Unmanned aerial vehicles trackked rhinos and elephants and could help save some herds from being killed by poachers.

By Feb. 14, 2014


GM's Lansing, Mich., plant meets Energy Star standards

General Motors' Lansing Delta Township Assembly Plant has received an Energy Star certification for energy efficiency.

By Dec. 6, 2011


The 404 1,453 : Where Facebook is future (podcast)

Facebook gets their hands on the Oculus Rift VR headset for 2.3 billion, a lot of people messed up their text donations during last week's #nomakeupselfie campaign, HTC just announced the HTC One M8, and your tattoo artist may some day get replaced with a Makerbot 3D printer.

By Mar. 26, 2014