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Monkey owns rights to selfie? Wikimedia refuses photographer claim

A monkey grabs a camera and takes a selfie. The human owner of the camera claims copyright, but Wikimedia disagrees.

By August 6, 2014


Wikimedia Foundation launches all-new Wikipedia app

The Wikimedia Foundation has redesigned its app for iOS and Android, with new features including editing and saving pages for offline reading.

By July 31, 2014


Wikipedia parent sues to stop NSA's massive surveillance effort

The Wikimedia Foundation argues that the NSA's full-scale seizure of Internet communications is a violation of its First and Fourth Amendment rights.

By March 10, 2015


Wikimedia, Internet Brands settle Wikivoyage lawsuits

Lawsuit claimed volunteers for the formerly not-for-profit project were encouraging others to "fork," or copy open-source code to another project.

By February 17, 2013


Wikimedia Foundation launches travel site 'Wikivoyage'

Adhering to Wikipedia's no-advertising business model, the nonprofit rolls out a new user-generated travel help and information site.

By January 10, 2013


Correction: Wikimedia U.K. ethics probe

This story originally misstated the status of $2 million in funding. Wikimedia Foundation says no funds for Wikimedia UK have been frozen.

By October 2, 2012


Wikimedia U.K. faces ethics probe, funding squeeze

The Wikimedia Foundation has stepped in with an ethics investigation into Wikimedia U.K.'s conduct in a paid-PR scandal that isn't likely to go away anytime soon.

By October 1, 2012


Wikipedia suffers outage after technical glitch

A technical outage left millions of Wikipedia users unable to use the site for a brief stretch this morning. Wikimedia said "networking issues" were to blame.

By August 6, 2012


Wikipedia to debut revolutionary travel site?

It seems that the Wikimedia Foundation is getting into the travel business. Can it possibly be more objective than sites like TripAdvisor?

By July 13, 2012


Wikimedia's Wales gives up some top-level controls

Wikimedia Foundation co-founder Jimmy Wales is giving up some top-level editorial control after controversial removal of pornographic images from Wikimedia Commons.

By May 16, 2010