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Neoya Wii2HDMI (converter for Wii console)

Though it won't improve the picture quality had on a current Wii component connection, the Wii2HDMI adapter successfully carries audio and video over a single HDMI signal.

By August 2, 2010

4 stars Editors' rating August 2, 2010

MSRP: $39.95


Our Wii 2 feature wish list

CNET's gaming experts have compiled their Wii 2 feature wishlist into a slideshow.

By June 3, 2011


Wii 2 features we'd like to see (photos)

Here's what we hope will be in Nintendo's next console, to be unveiled at E3 2011.

10 Images By June 3, 2011


Wii 2 complete guide

Nintendo's next console will be unveiled in just a few weeks. With official details thin on the ground, we run through the rumours currently doing the rounds.

By May 17, 2011


Nintendo Wii 2 to be playable this June at E3 and out in 2012

Amid reports of falling profits and flagging sales of its flagship home console, Nintendo is about to unveil a replacement for the Wii.

By April 26, 2011


Analyst: 'Wii 2 will not sell well'

Nintendo hasn't announced plans to release a new console anytime soon, but Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter believes a Wii 2 wouldn't be a big hit.

By January 21, 2011


Wii 2 to be smaller and cheaper?

Will the next Wii offer more of the same?

By October 21, 2009


The Digital Home Video: Nintendo will never need a Wii 2

In this episode, Don Reisinger explores why Nintendo will never need a Wii 2. And in fact, the Wii is more like the GameBoy than anything else.

By September 10, 2008


Nintendo shouldn't rush to release the Wii 2

At least one analyst says Nintendo should be the first to enter the next-gen video game console fray, but I think it should be the last.

By August 26, 2008


Depth-sensing 3D ZCam: Wii 2.0?

3DV Systems shows off the depth-sensing ZCam at CES 2008.

By January 8, 2008