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Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 (2014)

While the design and price of the Kindle Fire HDX hasn't changed on the outside, its been redesigned inside with a new 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor and 802.11ac MIMO Wi-Fi.

September 17, 2014

MSRP: $379.00


iPad Mini may only come in Wi-Fi version, report says

The Guardian also reports on a 9.7-inch iPad with a Lightning connector and compatibility with U.K.'s Everything Everywhere 4G network.

By October 9, 2012


Multi-deal Monday: Roku, Kindle, Orcs, and more!

Lots of great deals to kick off CNET's spiffy new design, including a $35 Roku box and a free DVD ripper.

By March 24, 2014


Jobs dismissed iPad mini as only good for surfing on the loo

Steve Jobs reportedly said the 7-inch prototype iPad was good for nothing "besides surfing the web in the bathroom".

By July 16, 2012


Amazon Kindle audio and video ebooks: Only on iPad and iPhone

Amazon has introduced sound and moving pictures to the ebook, but not the Kindle -- multimedia elements can only be enjoyed on the rival iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch

By June 28, 2010


Path finds its way to Kindle Fire

The release brings the private social-networking experience to Amazon's Android-forked tablets.

By July 18, 2013


Get a Kindle Fire HD 8.9 tablet for $239

It's new, not refurbished, and there's more icing on the cake: You also get a $40 Staples gift card.

By May 31, 2013


Get a refurbished Kindle Touch for $69

That's the same price as a new non-touch-screen Kindle. The warranty may be shorter, but the touch features definitely offset the risk.

By March 13, 2013


Amazon's Jeff Bezos admits Kindles are sold at cost

Bezos tells the BBC what most analysts already figured out: At best Amazon breaks even on the latest Kindle hardware.

By October 11, 2012


Kindle Fire HD: Amazon's anti-Apple profit engine

The three new Kindle Fire HD tablets are the latest example that Amazon isn't interested in making money off of its hardware, a far cry from Apple's strategy.

By September 6, 2012