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Nexus 7 tablet now comes in white, Wi-Fi only

Beyond basic black, Google is releasing a white version of its smaller-size tablet.

By December 10, 2013


Ask Maggie: Choosing a video chat service and a Wi-Fi only Droid

In this week's Ask Maggie, I offer my brother-in-law advice on selecting a video chat service the family can use to see his new baby.

By May 6, 2011


Loaded: Barnes & Noble adds Wi-Fi only Nook

Apple's iOS 4 comes out today; a poster for Facebook flick "The Social Network" hits the Web; and Barnes & Noble introduces a second, less-expensive Nook e-reader.

June 22, 2010


SlingPlayer for iPhone release imminent: $30, Wi-Fi only

The long-delayed app for iPhones will be hitting the iTunes store within hours, but the once 3G-compatible video streaming is now Wi-Fi only.

By May 12, 2009


T-Mobile callers can go from cell to Wi-Fi, only in Seattle

New service allows consumers to conserve their cell phone minutes while within some hot spots.

By October 24, 2006


First-generation iPad Air remains, price dropped to $399 to start

Apple might be offering a new iPad Air to customers, but the company has decided to keep its existing tablet in place for those seeking a cheaper option.

By October 16, 2014


Apple iPads add Touch ID in catch-up with iPhone

Apple unveils new iPads on Thursday that for the first time include the iPhone's Touch ID fingerprint sensor. The company says it was "the most-requested feature" in its tablets.

By October 16, 2014


Disable autoplay for Facebook mobile videos over cellular

Not a fan of Facebook's autoplay feature for videos on your iPhone or Android device? You can disable it, but only on cellular networks.

By December 12, 2013


BBM for iPod touch available to download in next 24 hours

Reports say that in the next day, you'll be able to install the BBM app on both the iPod touch and the Wi-Fi-only iPad tablets.

By November 14, 2013


Brace yourself: Microsoft Surface ad barrage may start tonight

It sounds like it's time for Microsoft to finally start sharing more information, beginning with TV ads and a new official Surface blog, about its coming tablets and PCs.

By October 15, 2012