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The wide-screen Toshiba Satellite U845W-S430 has an extra-long, high-resolution screen

Toshiba's experimental extra-wide-screen ultrabook gets a Windows 8 software upgrade, but it turns the Toshiba Satellite U845W into a computer imperfectly matched for what Windows 8 has to offer.

By November 8, 2012


Vizio's unique widescreen TV

The Vizio XVT3D580CM is a unique widescreen television designed to appeal to videophiles but doesn't quite make it.

By July 17, 2012


iPhone 5 has new widescreen look in latest leaked photos

The new iPhone is shrouded in secrecy, but leaked photos of a 'test sample' appear to confirm a new widescreen 4-inch look.

By July 13, 2012


Hands on: Toshiba's new super widescreen ultrabook

Productivity fiends and film enthusiasts unite: Toshiba has just announced a 21:9 widescreen laptop.

6 Images June 4, 2012


iPhone 5 tipped to have 4-inch 'widescreen' display

Apple's next iPhone is going to have a taller display for widescreen video viewing, according to reports.

By May 23, 2012


Acer Iconia Smart packs a 4.8-inch display for super-widescreen video

Acer's Iconia Smart handset, revealed at Mobile World Congress, is armed with a massive 4.8-inch screen with an aspect ratio of 21:9, promising a popcorn-tastic mobile video experience.

By February 14, 2011


Acer Liquid: First widescreen Snapdragon Android phone

The Acer Liquid is the first phone to use Qualcomm's nifty Snapdragon processor, and it's sporting a spacious widescreen display too. Click here for the first details

By October 14, 2009


Letterbox: view Mail in widescreen mode

Apple's Mail email client is a great and widely used program that shows the mailboxes section to the left, with the message list and message viewer on top of each other to the right. While this layout works great for the most part, there are many peopl

By August 25, 2009


Microsoft Webcam brings 720p HD wide-screen video to consumer marketplace

Many computers come with a built-in camera, but none offer the HD video offered by the LifeCam Cinema, Microsoft's newest flagship Webcam, which incorporates a native 720p wide-screen sensor that offers higher quality video.

By August 20, 2009


Photos: Dell Inspiron 17 widescreen laptop

As larger laptops go, Dell's new 17-inch Inspiron 17 has the potential to impress. But be warned: the base price of £369 nets you what is essentially a netbook in a massive chassis

9 Images July 30, 2009