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wide-field infrared survey explorer


Explore the ocean with Google and underwater surveys

A new ocean exploration project will use Google tools to help you take a dip in some of the world's most beautiful marine locations, without leaving your chair.

By February 22, 2012


Infrared satellite survey reveals 17 lost pyramids

Discovery on a massive scale could mean excavations for generations to come. Meanwhile, a robot finds symbols in the Great Pyramid of Giza.

By May 26, 2011


Starry, starry 'first light' from NASA's WISE mission

The new Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer kicks off its mission to scan and capture a view of the entire sky with a look at the constellation Carina.

By January 7, 2010


Navigator still king

Netscape Communications is still firmly on top of the Web browser market, although Microsoft's Internet Explorer is making steady gains, according to a survey released today from Zona Research.

By September 18, 1996