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How to set up a subwoofer

Learn how to correctly set up your subwoofers for optimal placement and connectivity.

By August 29, 2012


Why didn't AOL open-source its IM client?

The Time Warner unit just missed a big opportunity--to make AIM the default messaging platform for enterprises and consumers, Matt Asay writes.

By March 5, 2008


Eight Apple questions Clarissa didn't explain

To compensate for hip 90s teen Clarissa's miserable failure in this area, I shall pretend to be her, explaining some persistent questions about Apple she never got around to

By June 24, 2008


T-Mobile G1: What we didn't get

The T-Mobile G1 offers some promising features, but it misses some important features as well.

By September 23, 2008


Sweet headphones for music phones

CNET editors round up a selection of stereo headsets made for music phone users. Includes models from Monster, Klipsch, V-moda, and more.

By August 9, 2010


Turns out video games are good--wait, didn't we know that already?

A report on the benefits of children playing video games.

By October 16, 2008


EA: Piracy didn't hurt 'Spore' sales

Electronic Arts seems to accept that some level of piracy will go on. Perhaps a better strategy is to offer a free version of its game?

By September 30, 2008


What Oracle didn't say at OpenWorld

Oracle didn't have much to say at its annual OpenWorld conference, and that may be the point.

By September 29, 2008


Apple admits it didn't invent the iPod

Kane Kramer claims that Apple has finally admitted that he is the real father of the iPod.

By September 7, 2008


The 404 019: Where we didn't think of a catchy quote.

Today we talk Cloverfield impressions, Oscar noms and why the recession could be happening.

By January 22, 2008