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Apple at the House committee inquiry into IT pricing: live

Apple was first to hit the House of Representatives committee inquiry into IT pricing. What does Apple have to say about its price practices in Australia?

By March 21, 2013


'Gangnam Style,' 'Barack vs Mitt' among YouTube's champs

The top trending videos of the year took us around the world with "Gangnam Style" and a rap of "Barack vs Mitt," and up into space with Felix Baumgartner's supersonic free fall.

By December 18, 2012


Facebook's Year in Review: Obama, Sandy, Whitney

The world's largest social network compiled data on the top trends, memes, and events of the last year.

By December 12, 2012


Spotify reveals what Aussies listened to in 2012

Want to see what your fellow countrymen and women were streaming in 2012? Spotify spills the beans on the music listening habits of Aussies.

By December 3, 2012


Samsung Galaxy Music is a blaring bargain blower

The Samsung Galaxy Music phone is packing a 3-inch screen, Ice Cream Sandwich and -- oh, mercy -- stereo speakers.

By October 9, 2012


'Call me Maybe' gets 'Star Wars,' 'Star Trek' treatments

The earworm song of the summer has earned itself some sci-fi video remixes. Now available in both "Star Wars" and "Star Trek" flavors.

By August 9, 2012


Disaster awaits U.S. power grid as cybersecurity lags

Digital signatures that protect access to power-plant control systems are highly insecure, an industry leader warns -- and some companies want to make the problem worse.

By June 14, 2012


Songza app streams tunes that suit your mood

This amazing app deserves a place alongside Pandora and Spotify. It's packed with playlists that are perfect for every occasion, and it streams them commercial-free.

By June 12, 2012


Epic video game art lights up 'Into the Pixel' exhibit

Take a peek at the eye-popping original art that inspired 16 major video games selected as finalists for a prestigious video game art exhibition debuting at E3 2012.

By June 1, 2012


Wikipedia, Google blackout sites to protest SOPA

Wikipedia has gone offline for 24 hours to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act, while Google and Craigslist are also asking users to contact Congress.

By January 17, 2012